Missionary Qualifications:

  • Every candidate must have a clear Salvation testimony.
  • Every candidate must have a clear calling of God into mission service.
  • Every candidate must have Bible College training or mission experience or a combination of both. If the candidate is serving in church planting/leadership-Bible College training is required. Serving under a local church on the mission field as a medical missionary, an aviation missionary or other non church leadership mission work does not require Bible College training; but does require local church layman ministry experience and training in the particular work which God has called. Serving in church planting/leadership does require the candidate to meet the Biblical qualifications set forth in the Pastoral Epistles.
  • Every candidate must have a supportive Pastor and a sending church with the same doctrinal stand as B.W.M.O.M.
  • Every candidate must have a physical examination and physical ability to travel and live overseas.
  • Every candidate must:
    1. Fill out the preliminary questionnaire.
    2. Have three references sent to the home office.
    3. Fill out the formal application.
    4. Take part in a personal interview at the home office. There are exceptions to the personal interview, at which time a telephone interview will be sufficient.
    5. Meet with the Board of Directors for final approval.
  • NOTE: Candidates without cross cultural experience will be required to attend a candidate school.

Downloadable Documents

Recommendation Form
Preliminary Questionnaire
Operations Policies
Formal Application
Commandments for Missionaries