Dan has been in full time missions work since July, 1982.  He spent 19 years on the field serving the military in the Panama Canal Zone and at Maranatha Baptist Church in Okinawa.

Brother Dan is originally from the Lansing, Michigan area where he attended South Baptist Church prior to moving to Chattanooga for Bible College.

Upon graduation from Tennessee Temple University the Mouws served in the Panama Canal Zone where the Lord enabled them to start Bible Baptist Church, a ministry to U.S. servicemen.  After ten years in Panama they turned the debt free building, parsonage and mobile home over to a missionary to the Spanish-speaking people as the Atlantic side of the Canal was closing.  Shortly thereafter, Dan accepted the call as Senior Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in Okinawa, Japan.  The first Sunday’s attendance was 351.  Within six months the church paid off a large debt, and the attendance eventually grew to over 700 servicemen and their families.  The church secured three acres and built a 7,000 square foot Servicemen’s Center.  Prior to the Mouws leaving Okinawa, blueprints were drawn for a new auditorium, and building permits were obtained.  The assets and savings toward the new building made it possible for the now completed project to be debt free by spring of 2011.

Since God called the Mouws to B.W.M.O.M., the mission has established a new website, compiled a missionary manual, and recruited several new missionary families.  Dan now edits “The Shofar” and directs the office.  Dan is a gifted teacher/preacher, has been a Pastor and taught Hermeneutics, Homiletics and Bible for five years full time and five years adjunct at Tennessee Temple University and Seminary.  Dan is available for mission and Bible conferences.  He has a Masters Degree from Liberty University and a DRE from Heritage Seminary.  The Mouw family is certainly worthy of your prayers and financial support.