Gary & Artis Zimmerman Email
Phone: (423) 316-1658

Field Address:
Gary Zimmerman
1450 West Grand Parkway South
Katy, Texas 77494

Anniversary: 5-21-71
Gary — January 7
Artis — November 9

Daniel 12/15/74
U.S. Navy Chaplain Submarine Base Honolulu Hawaii
Samuel 1/6/76
In transit – moving from N.Y. City
Joseph 11/23/78
Studying – Institute for Creation Research Dallas, Texas
Abigail 8/16/80
Youth Pastor’s wife in Houston, Texas

Ministries Since 1975
Printing Ministries
U.S., Moldova, Ukraine
Jewish Bible Study, Orthodox work with Hebrew Scrolls
Russian Language Outreach
Design and Print Russian Language Bible Studies